• Career Awareness Activities

    Career awareness is a very vital part of any education process. In order to help future citizens decide career options befitting their aptitude and market trend, Prarthana has envisioned career awareness activities for all the group of students (Nur – XII).
    Some of the career activities include, “Career internship”, “Career Talk”, “Career visits” etc.

  • Student Exchange Program

    Place: Queens college
    Student exchange program is one of the unique feature of Prarthana. Students get an exposure of diversity of our country leading to exposure, adaptability and understanding. In the academic year 2016 – 2017 our students visited Queens College Indore, apart from spending time with students and faculty of Queens, they visited historical places like Ujjain, Mahakaleshwar in the vicinity of Indore.
    In the current academic year we are planning to have National as well as International students exchange program.

  • Workshop on, “How to deal the children.“

    - Dr. Smita Dave

  • Workshop on “santaan Nu Bhantar Ane Ghadtar Ane Padkaar”

    - Dr. Urmila Shah

  • Workshop on Parenting

    - Sandhya Mistry & Dr.Shailendra Gupta

  • Workshop on “Creative Activity”

    - Kesav Sir

  • Teacher Training Workshop

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