About Logo

Prarthna Global School logo is inspired by the seven colors in the sun ray i.e. VIBGYOR which depicts unity in diversity and is a perfect example of collaboration. Rainbow further depicts, learning to be i.e. You can work together and be a part of a team without losing individuality. Seven colors in the logo represent school philosophy and commitment to respect and nurture the individuality of every child.

The Globe at the center represents importance of being global yet grounded in one own culture, heritage, and values. It further signifies importance of overall development of a child to be a productive and responsible global citizen.

Two flying birds are representing two is better than one i.e. Collaboration and together we can soar heights. In Modern world, one of the most important skills is networking and interpersonal skills. At PGS we are committed to nurture future citizens who are connected with self, others as well as the environment.

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